PROGRAMS: What do we offer?
Our transitional housing program provides intentional communities for families, giving them the time, space, resources and support necessary to heal, begin life again, transform and transition to permanent housing.

Sacha’s House is our first transitional home which exists to provide a safe, affirming and accountable environment where women and their children experience God's extravagant love in an atmosphere of grace. Here they build community as life is done together and experience transformation as life stories are shared, processed and listened to.

Support services for those in our care include: individual assessment and advocacy, counseling, life skill training, childcare, assistance with education and employment, mentoring, children’s programs, weekly support groups, Bible studies, community activities and family nights as well as an annual healing retreat. 

At Lighthouse, we offer compassionate care to individuals of all backgrounds. We do not require faith engagement in Lighthouse programming. Instead, we offer a safe and healing environment for survivors. 

Lighthouse does not discriminate against housing applicants on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, gender, age, familial status, sexual preference, or physical or mental disability.
Our awareness and action program is a tri-level approach providing: 

• Education to build awareness and understanding

• Training to equip and empower churches and the community to respond effectively to families dealing with domestic abuse

• Consulting and mentoring churches and organizations as they become actively involved in prevention and intervention in their communities
"This program is giving me the structure and nurturing I never had growing up, but always longed for. This isn't just a shelter and some resources. It's an amazing, holistic approach to doing life together. It is everything I need to build a life that I didn't know how to do on my own. Every day is a good surprise. I find myself asking, is this real?! And then I realize it is!"
The calm in my storm...
"I was introduced to the wonderful people at Lighthouse at my lowest point in life. I was struggling to free myself from an abusive, toxic marriage. I had left my home with three children, to a friends basement. I had no job, no money, no belongings and absolutely no hope. I was overwhelmed and terrified of starting a new life. I was broken. Lighthouse helped to provide us a safe home. I will be eternally grateful for Lighthouse. I couldn't have accomplished the things I have without the kindness, generosity, love, hope, and strength they provided to me, at the moment I needed it the most."